In the car protection arena, car owners are mainly faced with three contenders of choice: Wax vs Sealant vs Ceramic Coating. If you’re thinking of getting your car’s paint protected, you may be weighing up each of these choices.

Owning a car is a serious investment. As car enthusiasts ourselves, we understand how important it is to protect it while giving it that glossy shine. Applying a protective coat not only preserves your car but also enhances its look significantly.

In this article, we’ll discuss how wax, sealant, and ceramic coating individually protect your car, and give our opinion (as your resident car detailing specialist) on which is best for you.


Car wax is one of the most popular protection options for many car owners. Wax is essentially derived from plants and trees, and blended with chemicals for car use.

They are generally affordable and easy to buy at any car accessory retailer, making them a fuss-free way to coat a vehicle that you can even DIY. Most car enthusiasts can relate to the sense of pride and appreciation they feel when applying wax to their own cars. After all, what better way to be hands-on than waxing your vehicle?

However, as far as protection goes, wax offers very little. We think using wax helps more with the visual enhancement of your car, as it gives it a beautiful ‘wet and glossy’ look. But it is an outdated technology that doesn’t last long, and it can wear off when exposed to the strong Aussie sun.

Typically, your car wax can last a couple of weeks, although some of the latest waxes in the market may have an extended lifespan if cared for correctly. You should also know that all wax types have a delicate surface and will diminish without the right aftercare products.

In our opinion, waxing is better for vehicles that only come out for a weekend drive or for muscle and classic cars that don’t see nasty weather patterns. Waxing can also be suitable for cars with single-stage colours (i.e. non-metallic or pearlescent colours).


Sealants have been used for some time in the car care industry, and they are a slight upgrade from waxing. Just like applying wax, sealants protect your car and give it a nice shine. It’s also more durable and has a much longer lifespan than waxing (think months longer).

Sealants can be found in two forms: paste and sprays. Sprays are generally easier to apply than paste (with their spray and wipe application), but it also depends. Applying a spray sealant can be both simple and tricky, depending on what paint sealant you have at your disposal and the initial prep work that has been carried out.

Sealants also come in various types, including nano, polymer, and ceramic sealants. Ceramic spray sealants generally last longer (sometimes up to 6 months), but they do need to be frequently applied to keep their performance up.

Overall, we think sealants are great if you want to save time applying your car coating. They are also an affordable option that provides great visual enhancement and protection for any and all vehicle types. However, its longevity is still not the best, and if you’re using a sealant spray that costs $100, you’ll be spending $10 per application (which means paying more in the long run).

If you’re looking for a longer-lasting option that offers more value, consider using ceramic coating instead.

Ceramic Coating

Ceramic coating is the top performer in car care. Also known as nano-coating, ceramic coating is applied in liquid form before curing to form a hardened, clear shell over your vehicle’s paint. The result is a candy-like gloss barrier that cleans easily and looks extremely good.

Coating a vehicle with ceramic coating is often seen as a long-term solution for many vehicle owners, as it provides the best form of durability and protection properties. Once applied, the coating forms a hard barrier against all elements and makes your car resistant against minor swirl marks and marring.

Typically, ceramic coatings last for years, with the common options lasting up to 2 years and the pro options lasting up to 5 years without reapplication. Although they may seem like a more expensive option, their long lifespan guarantees that they pay for themselves in the long run.

However, ceramic coatings should be applied by a professional car detailing specialist for it to perform as it should. The preparation itself takes hours, as you’ll need to ensure that your car is in pristine condition before applying the coating. So while it may be tempting to buy a DIY ceramic coating kit in-store, we wouldn’t recommend it.

Our Verdict

As people who have worked with countless car care products, here’s a table with our rating for each of the three car protection choices.

Qualities Wax Sealant Ceramic Coating
Water repellant 5/10 7/10 10/10
Scratch resistant 0/10 0/10 7/10
UV resistant 5/10 8/10 10/10
Glossy finish 7/10 7/10 10/10
Self-cleaning 4/10 6/10 10/10
Lifespan 2-4 weeks 3-8 months 2-5 years
Price $$ $$$ $$$$

Between wax vs sealant vs ceramic coating, we think all three options are great for you and your car. You should, however, ultimately think about your time, budget, desired result, and your vehicle’s current condition before making your choice.

Remember that when it comes to car protection, any of the above is better than nothing if you wish to protect your car and maintain its shine!

If you’re looking for a flawlessly applied ceramic coating for your car, choose the professional car detailing specialists at Platinum Auto Salon. We use high-quality products that’ll get your installation right the first time – ensuring your car is pristine throughout all weather types. Contact us for a quote or to speak with a technician.