Expert Pre-Sale Car Detailing in Melbourne

A car that stands out in the market is a car that will gain the most traction and stand out from the rest. Our pre-sale detailing packages allow you to reach that title to seek a higher asking price and an accelerated sale. Whether it is a daily driven vehicle or a delicate collectors edition there is a pre-sale option to suit your desired budget and outcome.

Enigma Full Detail
Our Enigma package allows us to address the entire vehicle, a complete full interior and exterior detail. Starting with a multiple stage wash including surface decontamination, all areas are thoroughly cleaned from wheels and wheel arches to the grime build up around badges and crevices. During this process the engine bay is degreased and cleaned. We then carry out a single stage enhancement polish which is designed to remove light paint defects such as swirl marks and wash marring while leaving behind a good foundation of protection that adds great gloss and clarity to the paint work. To maximise gloss and protection Enigma QED spray sealant is applied to take it to the next level! To finish off the exterior plastics and tyres are dressed, and windows are cleaned.
The interior is thoroughly vacuumed including beside and underneath the seats. Spot stain removal and upholstery shampoo extraction is included. Plastics are wiped down and dressed to give them a new appearance. The interior is finished off with a pleasant air freshener/deodoriser and windows cleaned.
Once completed we look after your advertisement photos, which are processed then emailed to your nominated email address. Ready to be uploaded to your sale adds.

Wash, Clay and Seal Package
Budget friendly option without sacrificing quality. As the title suggests a complete exterior wash and clay decontamination removing the rough texture from the paint surface, finished with a paint sealant rated to 6 months. An interior detail is included with a vacuum, plastic wipe down, air freshener and windows cleaned!
This package will leave your car clean, incredibly glossy and smooth to the touch!

Mini Detail
Full Exterior wash utilising safe washing methods, wheels and arches thoroughly cleaned, two bucket method wash, microfiber/blow dry finishing the exterior with a hybrid spray application to boost gloss and protection. The interior is thoroughly vacuumed, and hard surfaces wiped down, finished with clean streak free windows, air freshener and tyre dressings.



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Jarrod is a top quality bloke and a pleasure to do business with. He has the key ingredients so often lacking when one entrusts someone to do a great job for you.

Hylton Rubinstein

Jarrod is so professional from the start to the end, he has a passion for rectifying flaws in the paint and bringing them too the greatest shine.

I gave him a new ford focus and he found 15 nips which he fixed and coated with zipang l was impressed. I wouldn’t hesitate in using him again.

Steven Aquilina

Jarred came and done my 2015 gts I thought no way could he make it look better than it does now. O how wrong was I, I couldn’t believe my eyes when I walked out and saw the final result man I’m very impressed. Do yourself a favour and get him do yours .

Peter Wyss

I brought my 2017 Holden Commodore SV6 to Jarrod to get paint protection applied to my car, only a year after it was “applied” by the dealer when I bought it brand new.

Jordan Rodgers

Jarrod did a magnificent job on my wifes 14 year old car. He took the time to find out what it was we wanted and what the car required to bring her back to her best. His attention to detail is brilliant . To us it is money well invested.
Thanks Jarrod.

Richard Jones

Had Jarrod come down last Sunday and carry out a multi stage paint correction, as well as apply paint protection. The results are absolutely amazing, after picking it up for the dealership there were buff marks and swirls all over the vehicle. Could not be happier with the work Jarrod carried out on my vehicle, and his product knowledge was top class. Would highly recommend! Thanks so much for making it look brand new again, will certainly be back again next time!

James Ronan