Car Paint Correction Services in Melbourne

Rewind the clock on your vehicle’s aesthetics

Often infused with the term ‘cut & polish’ paint correction is the process we use to permanently remove surface defects in the likes of swirl marks and scratches. Rather than using polish glazes which fill in these surface defects in for a short period of time, we have access to a vast range of abrasive polishes that are used to re level the paint surface and remove these paint defects.

Surface defects are caused by a number of things, but primarily improper wash methods. Automatic tunnel washes, car wash brooms and poor-quality wash tools to name a few. Over time these defects build up and dramatically reduce your paints natural gloss and clarity levels and can be quite an eye sore in certain lighting conditions.

Any vehicle can benefit from a paint correction and enhancement process, even most new cars!

Present condition, age of the paint, paint thickness, desired results and budget all play a vital roll in determining the final paint correction & enhancement results. With various stages available there is an option for everyone!



A prime example of a paint surface riddled with defects prior

50 / 50 example ( left corrected right untouched ) dramatically increasing gloss and clarity in the surface

Paint surface free from defects after a correction and enhancement process

Examples of Paint Defects & Paint Thickness


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Jarrod is a top quality bloke and a pleasure to do business with. He has the key ingredients so often lacking when one entrusts someone to do a great job for you.

Hylton Rubinstein

Jarrod is so professional from the start to the end, he has a passion for rectifying flaws in the paint and bringing them too the greatest shine.

I gave him a new ford focus and he found 15 nips which he fixed and coated with zipang l was impressed. I wouldn’t hesitate in using him again.

Steven Aquilina

Jarred came and done my 2015 gts I thought no way could he make it look better than it does now. O how wrong was I, I couldn’t believe my eyes when I walked out and saw the final result man I’m very impressed. Do yourself a favour and get him do yours .

Peter Wyss

I brought my 2017 Holden Commodore SV6 to Jarrod to get paint protection applied to my car, only a year after it was “applied” by the dealer when I bought it brand new.

Jordan Rodgers

Jarrod did a magnificent job on my wifes 14 year old car. He took the time to find out what it was we wanted and what the car required to bring her back to her best. His attention to detail is brilliant . To us it is money well invested.
Thanks Jarrod.

Richard Jones

Had Jarrod come down last Sunday and carry out a multi stage paint correction, as well as apply paint protection. The results are absolutely amazing, after picking it up for the dealership there were buff marks and swirls all over the vehicle. Could not be happier with the work Jarrod carried out on my vehicle, and his product knowledge was top class. Would highly recommend! Thanks so much for making it look brand new again, will certainly be back again next time!

James Ronan